Star Table

Star Table


The round top is made of oak which has been cleaved along the grain, then smoothed and shaped. The five legs are stabilised by an interlacing 5 pointed star arrangement of sweet chestnut stretchers. This would comfortably seat 5 people.

This product is unique, but benches in a similar style, and different dimensions can be ordered using our commissioning page.

All outdoor benches are constructed in either sweet chestnut or oak. Both these timbers are extremely durable and will give many, many years of good-looking service.

The benches are oiled with a high quality, environmentally safe wood oil which contains natural UV protection, meaning our benches will age very gracefully.

We hand split the small diameter “coppiced” trees and then shave them to bring out their gentle natural curves. Whilst many of our processes are rooted in technology that would have been familiar to the vikings, we also use machines and techniques relevant to 21st Century living. This is not a nostalgic harking back to a bygone age, we simply love the texture and look of furniture which has been made this way. And there is no shortcut to this. All our components are carefully seasoned before being assembled into furniture, so you don’t have to worry about things warping or splitting.

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