Lace Wood Mushroom Stool

Lace Wood Mushroom Stool


A simple, organic green wood stool, finished to the highest standards.


Legs are "cleaved", or split from a carefully selected log whilst wet, shaped by hand, then seasoned and jointed to the well-seasoned top.  The London plane, or "Lacewood" top has been shaped by hand to our trademark "pebble edge", making a wonderfully tactile piece which invites the hand.  Crafted with love in our Devon workshop from locally and sustainably sourced native hardwoods. Finished with a blend of natural oils to a durable, satin finish.


Diameter: 35cm

Height: 31cm

We can make these to order to your specific requirements. Please use the order form if you wish to commission something special. Delivery time is usually around 8 weeks.

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