Folding Perch Stool

Folding Perch Stool

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A unique and simple folding perch stool. As someone with a back problem I initially developed this to help me whilst exhibiting at shows. It proved a huge success at Kew Gardens this year, and I have been encouraged to develop this design further

Perch stools have been shown to improve posture by encouraging correct alignment of the back. Given that we are all different - we are different heights - our hips align uniquely, this perch stool will be created specifically for you. It will come with a hook to hang on the wall, or under a counter top.

How it works.

Please initially pay a deposit. I will then send you a carefully designed rig, for you to adjust until you have the perfect height, and seat angle for your body. Return the rig in it’s original packaging, with the pre-paid label, and I will make your perch stool to your exact requirements. You will need to download a readily available spirit level app on your smart phone to record the angle.

Please state whether you would like it made in pale ash, or English oak.

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