Commission - Arc Desk

Peter Lanyon_25_02_171006.jpg

This was a lovely commission for a couple who had seen and fallen in love with my Scritti desk at Made London in October 2016.

The desk arrived safely and we absolutely love it - it fits perfectly. Our only thought was whether the space does the desk justice - but I think with a nice picture on the wall above it and perhaps a colourful rug, it will make the desk stand out even more.

Thanks so much for all your patience - we were delighted with the way things went and continue to be your biggest fans!  We are really enjoying it - it brings us a lot of pleasure.

Arie and Jeremy

The basic brief was a desk in London Plane with cleft ash legs.  The design had to accommodate fitting in with some boxed in pipework, so the Scritti style had to be abandoned as the legs would have interfered with the pipework.

 The method I have developed for making green wood furniture is more a process of  evolution than of setting out detailed drawings and slavishly following them.  We agreed a set of parameters and a timescale.  Arie and Jeremy wanted to be involved to an extent in some design decisions, and were happy to receive and comment on the progress pictures I sent them.

When the piece was completed they hired a van for the weekend and enjoyed a weekend sight-seeing in Devon, at the same time picking up their desk. 

Adrian AustinCommission