Creative Chair Making in Portugal

Creative Chair Making in Portugal


Cerdeira is a very special place. The village was originally built by and for goat herders. It has been lovingly resurrected from ruins over the past 30 years, and turned into a beautiful and peaceful centre for culture and the arts. It is run by German sculptor Kerstin Thomas whose creative presence can be felt in every aspect of the place.

This is a fantastic setting to create your own chair or seat. The open-air covered workshop looks out over a beautiful mountain valley. There is a bracing plunge pool to cool off in at the end of the day. Traditional Portuguese food is prepared daily. The course cover all aspects of green woodworking. It ran for the first time last year, and will next year be even better, now we all know what to expect!

 Immerse yourself in the creative process of green woodworking.  

Contact me for further details of details and how to book.  Or click through to the Cerdeira website for more info.

Do NOT book through this website!

Dates - 18th - 23rd June 2019

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